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Free Human Services Software

Works On Any Connected Device

Over 212 human services software modules and components all accessible​ from your computer, tablet, or phone with Internet access. Work from any location on your Apple, Microsoft, Android, or Linux system. Video delivery for educational channels provided via Roku.

Turn on and go

Start working immediately. All systems are customized to your work flow.

Easy To Use

Graphical components alert you to the status of any client or service.

Web Based = 24/7 Support

A dedicated system of care consultant and 24/7 support is included in every account.

Client Notes

Client and Participants in the case notes include: Progress and Clinical Notes with code extraction for billing and outcomes.

Risk Scores

Automated recommendations of client risk, safety assessments and appropriate staff performance. Time compliance can be added to any task or service

AI Assistance

AI assisted elevated risk, incomplete process, and out of compliance notifications to all parties in the case or assigned to a service.

Free Human Services Software
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System Features

Clients, Services, and Staff Members

We call it: The Golden Thread. The constant system link between clients, the quality of the services they receive and the performance of the staff generates virtually unlimited views of how your clients respond to the services you offer and the effectiveness of your organization. In addition, all costs are tied in so you can determine anything: from how much a service costs to deliver to how much fundraising needs to be accomplished to support a specific program or which providers or staff members are the most effective when working with or treating clients. You can obtain any report for any item in any relationship to cost and/or quality to client, service and/or staff member.

Simplified User Interface

All components use a simplified graphical structure to indicate which client, service, or staff member may be declining in performance. The system is constantly presenting a view of your system of care and the effectiveness of your services at any given time. MIMI, our integrated artificial intelligence quality assistance is constantly presenting items of interest to management for review. Including elevated client risk, drop in staff performance, and decay in service quality. The system also generates predictions for the same items, client behavior, and expected cost overruns.

Flat Fee

The pricing structure is a yearly flat fee. The fee includes access to the system, a dedicated system of care consultant, 24/7 support, and any customization that you may need in any module or report. You can obtain an exact quote by completing the information request form or emailing;

Implement The Data Management System You Need. Your Way.

Flat Fee. No Hidden Costs. No Additional Fees. Ever.
  • Time Savings - We do all the setup and configuration for your staff. We keep working with your agency on an ongoing basis to keep developing and customizing your systems as your agency's needs change. At no additional cost.

  • Security - All data in your system is stored using 256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS secure tunnel is used when you work online. Point to point network tunneling and VPN are also available. Two factor authentication is used for all staff.

  • Cost Savings - Our cost structure is deeply discounted for human services agencies and providers. We remove the burden and cost of managing data and reporting. We can work with you IT staff and assist as requested.

  • Setup - There is no setup or configuration required on your end. There are also local network versions of our products that you can install on your intranet. All our systems are modular so you can request any customization or re-configuration any time.

  • Support - Support is provided online via telepresence and email at no cost. Phone and on site support is also available. You can request report changes, form modications, and system reconfigurations at anytime at no additional cost.

  • Training - Training is provided online at no cost and is ongoing. On site training is also available. We can customize any ongoing system training or re-training so it's in line with your internal data management procedures.

  • Confidentiality - All information is confidential. Only you have access to your system information. We generate an automatic non-disclosure agreement and we will never discuss any aspect of your organization with anyone.

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